Saving Lives Never Takes a Day Off: Monthly Outcomes that Build a Better Future

For HUFH staff, saving lives never takes a day - or a month - off. Results matter.

This is how Haitian families benefited in the month of January 2023: 

Medika Mamba Childhood Malnutrition Program (5 program sites)

  • 110 children were treated in the program
  • 31 malnourished children were identified and admitted to the program
  • 33 children met their goal weight and graduated from the program
  • 201 TSK (community health worker) home visits, to help those families who could not get to our program site, and ensure that they are following proper protocol

Kairam Klinik Byen Bèbè (Well-Baby) Program (4 program sites)

  • 240 babies from newborn to one year old were treated in the program
  • 31 babies born to women in HUFH's Prenatal Program were admitted into the program
  • we partnered with HCBH to vaccinate 2 dozen children against polio at our site in Madeleine

Read more about Well-Baby care here.

Prenatal Program (4 program sites)

  • 209 women were enrolled in the Prenatal Program in January, with a total of 400 separate nursing, nutrition and education visits
  • 74 women experienced safe deliveries
  • 60 pregnant women were admitted to the program
  • 88 women attended for Postnatal Care, with a total of 121 separate nursing, nutrition and education visits
  • 30 women were vaccinated against tetanus, still a major problem in Haiti

Read more about our prenatal care program here.

Community Water Project (throughout the North region)

  • 1 new well dug in a dry area, bringing our total built to 16 throughout the area in which we work
  • we educate our communities about hygiene and have NO cholera cases among the people we serve
  • the new well was dug in a central and easy to access location which will service about 6000 residents
  • we continue to maintain the other 15 water wells, as we work with the communities to form committees for the maintenance, protection and management of the pump

Read more about our community water project here

Mobile Santè Medical Clinics (throughout the North Region)

  • we held general Mobile Santè health care clinics at 3 of our community program sites, and in one other community in need of medical care
  • we treated a total of 129 patients not currently enrolled in our other programs, 75 adults and 54 children
  • using HUFH's Emergency Care and Follow-Up fund, we are referring a baby with a facial tumor to a partner hospital for advanced care

Hypertension Screen and Treat Program (2 program sites)

  • 240 patientscontinue to thrive as we treat them with a safe and simple protocol
  • treating hypertension reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, leading causes of premature death in the Haitian population

Read more about treating Hypertension here.

Fighting Food Insecurity Among the Poorest of the Poor (5 program sites)

  • the need in Haiti is soaring: according to the BTI Transformation Index, more than 70% of Haitians live below the poverty line, while approximately 50% live on less than $1.25 per day; at the same time, costs are soaring and the supply chain is disrupted
  • collaborating with other NGOs, HUFH is delivering food packages to address food insecurity, the root cause of malnutrition and other illnesses
  • to date, we have partnered with
    • Acceso to distribute 500 jars of nutritious peanut butter manufactured in Haiti to our families
    • Food for the Poor to distribute packages of nutritious food to our families

Over 100,000 of the most vulnerable children and adults in Haiti have been treated in our programs during the last 13 years.

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