CALM IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS- HUFH Programs Continue During Current Crisis

From Our Executive Director:

These are once again challenging times for Haiti. Over the past week, the capital, Port-au-Prince, has been the scene of violent protests and gang violence, and a state of emergency has been declared across the country. What you see on the news is a country in chaos, but it has been mostly unfolding in and around the country’s capital in the south of Haiti. We want to assure you that in the communities we serve in the North, there have been isolated protests and the disruption of some services, but there is also relative calm.

OUR WORK CONTINUES, uninterrupted.

OUR STAFF IS SAFE, and coming to work every day.

OUR CARE CONTINUES. and our clinics are busier than ever.

Hands Up for Haiti cares deeply about the Haitian people, and crises like the one unfolding now are devastating to the country as a whole. We stand strong with our Haitian staff as they continue to provide care in the face of increasingly challenging times.Your donations this month are urgently needed to meet the increased patient volume in our clinics. Please consider a critically needed donation to our Emergency Fund at this time.

On behalf of the Board of Hands Up for Haiti we thank you very much for your continued support and faith in our mission.

Dr. Mary Ann LoFrumento