Delivering Care During the Pandemic: Trust Overcomes Fear to Save a Toddler’s Life

As people are unable to travel and are fearful of being exposed to COVID, they often stay home and do not get the lifesaving care they need to combat other illnesses. One mother, however, bravely sought care from our staff when her 18 month old baby girl, Nacius Djoulie, became very ill. HUFH had successfully treated her toddler for severe malnutrition, and now she was very sick with fever and a rash. Her mother brought the child back, because she trusted Hands Up for Haiti, where Nacius had received such good care. Once again HUFH came to her aide. Recognizing how seriously ill the toddler was, our staff immediately referred her to HCBH, one of our partner hospitals, where she was admitted for life saving antibiotics. Nacius remained in the hospital for one week, and will continue to receive follow-up care, supported by HUFH's emergency hospitalization fund for children. Read more about the Emergency Medical and Surgical Fund here.

The ability to navigate medical care in Haiti is always a challenge. In the midst of COVID-19 when transportation and movement is limited, the challenges are even more difficult. This mother was able to get quality care for her child through the efforts of Hands Up for Haiti. Her mother trusted HUFH, and this trust overcame fear and saved her little girl’s life.