A Life You’ve Set on the Right Course – “When Hands Up for Haiti Works, Everything Works”

For HUFH staff, saving lives never takes a day off.

Meet Esteve Wooderly, one of the toddlers whose life was saved with your support. 

Esteve, born on March 1, 2020, was admitted to HUFH’s Malnutrition Program at the age of 2-1/2. Weighing only 11 pounds, he was so severely malnourished that he was unable to walk.  Now 20 pounds, healthy and thriving, he is a proud graduate of the Program. His mother sends sincere thanks to HUFH because Esteve is facing a much brighter future: nourished, walking and developing like a healthy toddler. 

What does it mean for children like Esteve when HUFH's staff says:
When Hands Up for Haiti works, Everything works

In the words of Miguel-Ange Michel, HUFH’s Administrative Supervisor of our Malnutrition and Mobile Santè Programs, and our staff psychologist:

To all those with good will, to all the donors in the world, we say that the situation in Haiti is more serious than one might think. 

On a recent Wednesday  morning, I was working at the HUFH office site, which holds its clinical programs on Mondays – our programs work at other sites on the other days of the week. While I was there, I saw men and women who came to seek medical assistance. When they realized they came on a day the office clinic was not open, these poor people were forced to go home. 

You could see the desperation and disappointment on their faces. They don't know where else to go since they have no money. 

Hospitals are so rare and expensive that many children and adults are dying. We have an irresponsible Country which is unable to meet the health care needs of the poorest. 

Those who have money can travel and send their children abroad for treatment when they get sick. The newspapers don't say it, but many of the poorest children and elderly people die every day here because they don't have the necessary means to go to the hospital. 

This is what makes Hands Up for Haiti so important: 

HUFH continues to help the poorest for free, people who cannot easily find even 100 gourdes (65 cents) to go to the hospital.

When HUFH works, everything works, even for the poor; if HUFH cannot work, everything freezes for the poor.”

So how does Esteve's story relate to Miguel-Ange's words?


Esteve was originally enrolled in our Program in August 2022. He is the younger of 2 children in a family without any source of income for food or transportation. When the devastating unrest last year caused longstanding road blocks, his family  was unable to continue bringing him to clinic. 

After repeated attempts by HUFH to get him back into treatment, our skilled nursing director was ultimately able to help his mother get him re-enrolled in October, and arranged transportation so he could be seen every week. Esteve was examined and closely followed by Dr. Ortelus, our Program physician, and other staff members as his weight and health improved.

Today, Esteve Wooderly is just one success story in HUFH’s Malnutrition Program. 

With your help, imagine how many others can be saved tomorrow.