What Motivates Our Frontline Workers in Haiti to Continue Their Work in the Face of Constant Challenges

More from our staff on the ground, explaining what motivates them to go to work each day despite the situation in Haiti:

Fritznel Jean, In-Country Assistant Executive Director/Human Resources Manager/Legal Liaison/Archivist:
“For myself even I am not a medical professional and I am not working directly in ground with the patient in the communities. But as a leader and head of the organization in country, it is an obligation for me to accompany our employees to give them strength. Secondly, is to show respect to all the Board members and donors that sacrifice themselves to support my people. While they are making all those efforts, I would be guilty to stand with hands folded, seeing my brothers and sisters dying because of lack of healthcare. Sure, it is dangerous and insecure for everyone in Haiti, including our employees, but the situation would be worse if we abandoned communities in the countryside — if no one heard their voices because the shortage of the gas. To go to work despite the situation in Haiti, you have to have a good heart and love others: I consider all the employees at HUFH as bon samaritan.”


Miguel-Ange Michel, Medika Mamba (Malnutrition Program) Supervisor/Supply Chain Manager/ Administrator Mobil sante program:
The situation is very difficult. What make my object of motivation to continue my work with HUFH? The sense of belonging is what makes us manage our family through thick and thin well, that same sense of belonging to the organization that is our family, is what keeps us going through difficult situations.”



Verline Alfred, Director of Nursing and Program Nurse
“Because I love the work I am doing and I do it will all my heart. I like to seeing my patients. No one is safe no matter where you could be, instead of staying home, I go to work.”




Lamadieu Jessica Nurse, Hypertension Program 
“As I deal mostly with old people, I realize their needs for medication is crucial so that no matter what, I go to serve them.”




Theodore Dasamour, TSK (community health worker):
“I keep working despite the situation of the country because I want to keep the community in good health.”




Collas Marielle, TSK:
“I find myself in obligation to save life of the children and the pregnancy women despite the situation.”




Jodlin, General Assistant and Security:
“I go to work because I love my job.”





Valmyr Adeline, TSK:
“Because I want to help my country.”


Joseph Dulasse, Assistant Nurse, Malnutrition Program:
“My hope is to see all kids healthy, that’s why I go work.”



Youselene Pierre-Louis, Nurse:
“Because the communities that we serve are in need and that helps me take care of my family and theirs.”


Mondesir Wideline, TSK Robillard:
“The reason why I go to work  is to help my community stay healthy so that the kids don’t become severely malnourished and to help myself economically.”



Edline Celestin nurse, Nurse, Malnutrition Program:
“My motivation is the willingness to help others.”

Zephir Philomene, Nurse, Well-Baby Program:
“I keep working because I love my profession as nurse and to serve my community as I promised.”



Mondestin Lowens,  TSK:
“Because I love my community and want to help them.”


Jean Baptiste Wildine, Pharmacy Tech:
“I go to work because I want to help others.”

Josiane Bien Aimé, TSK: 
“Because I want to help my community and help the weakest and it helps me take care of my family economically.”

Thomas Discerne, TSK:
“Because we have to save life of the pregnancy women, and the post-natal ones.”

Joachim Gracuis, Matrone (traditional birth attendant):
“I feel myself happiness when I am working with the kids and pregnant women.”



Clermond Jenson, TSK:
My community has lot of malnourished kids despite the situation of the country I have to go for work to safe their life.