The holidays are upon us – and here are things you can’t buy in a store.

The need in Haiti is urgent.
These gifts can’t wait.

Your gifts of joy can help the poorest children of Haiti and their families.

As you celebrate this holiday season with your family and friends, we invite you to share some of the good will, because your support can’t wait. Holiday giving is your chance to help make a difference in the health and lives of our Haitian families. 
Give a gift now to help bring
peace and health to Haitian children and their families this season.

Give a gift now to meet the greatest need.

$25 One gallon of gas, to get our staff to our program sites.
$50 Prenatal vitamins for a pregnant woman to help prevent birth defects.
$60 The daily salary for a program physician.
$75 Screening and treatment to prevent blindness.
$100 Life-saving treatment for a malnourished child.
$200 Teaching kit to train 20 matrones in Helping Babies Survive skills.
$250 A community nurse for an entire month.
$400 Hospitalization, surgery or other advanced or specialty care for a child.
$600 Pharmaceuticals for all women in our Prenatal programs each month.
$900 A Mobile Santè outreach clinic, seeing about 100 patients each clinic day.
$1000 The monthly salary for 10 community health workers who work directly with families to reduce barriers to success in all of our programs.
$1500 Medications to treat all children in each of our programs each month.
$2000 A portable ultrasound machine to help ensure a safe pregnancy.
$4000 A water well that provides access to fresh and clean water for approximately 4000 people for more than 35 years and ensures maintenance and repairs so that it remains in good working condition. (Separate fundraising for a named dedication available.)


Waited too long to get your loved one a gift?
Don't wait any longer.
Honor a loved one with a gift of life to the children of Haiti and their families. 

Your gift to a loved one can help save a life.

If you wish to make your donation a gift we will send a card. Just enter the information on the donation form.



Thanks to the generosity of our Board of Directors, who underwrite our administrative expenses, 90 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to our lifesaving programs that benefit the poorest children of Haiti and their families.

Hands up for Haiti is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest amount allowed by law.