June Trip: Team Report Day 1

Team Photo

Team Photo


Riding on the tap tap We arrived in CAP and were picked up by Dennrik Abrahan, medical student and coordinator for Haiti Village Health. . We traveled to Bod me Limbe, a two hour ride from Cap Haitien, in an open air Tap Tap. The students enjoyed seeing the countryside and greeting the people along the way.


The first thing we did after arriving at Bod me Limbe was to have a tour and get everyone settled in their rooms. Dennrik then held a meeting to discuss the plans for the week. We decided on rotating assignments for the medical students.

Then we organized our supplies and began sorting medications and preparing dosage bags for vitamins and antibiotics. It had been raining for several days and it looked like the rain was going to continue. The team is looking forward to starting our first day of clinic in Haiti.