HUFH Partners with Haiti Village Health

Dr. Tiffany Keenan (left), founder of Haiti Village Health

Tiffany Keenan: Dr. Keenan worked with us to ensure that everything went smoothly.  Problems were addressed as a group and solutions proposed. Tiffany very much wants to continue working with Hands Up for Haiti on collaborative efforts to improve medical care in Cap Haitien and the surrounding communities. They will welcome future teams who wish to come and work at Bod me Limbe or at Shada Clinic which will now be under her supervision.

Dr. Brinvert: The young doctor now works there five days a week. Each day one of the students worked with him in the BML clinic. He taught all of us so much about practicing medicine in Haiti. He came to Mombe with us and acted as a consultant, rounding on each station and asking if we had questions. It was a real example of the collaboration that is possible between the Haitian doctors and our medical teams.


Dennrik Abrahan: A third year medical student who is at the University of Southern Florida and the current coordinator for HVH this year. He has been working with the staff to make sure these programs go as well as they can.  Each night after dinner, we all met to discuss the day. Each person spoke about their role that day and what went right and what went wrong. Then everyone contributed with suggestions. The translators were included in these discussions. It was a really useful debriefing.

Staff: Santos is the manager who went out of his way to take care of our needs. Cholo is now the pharmacist and they are working on a detailed inventory for future missions and for their daily use in the clinic. and during our stay we also had Edward and Alysha who were helping to organize the program.