HUFH & Pace University School of Nursing Collaborate to Teach Neonatal Resuscitation Skills


On Tuesday May 19, Hands Up for Haiti collaborated with Promoting Health in Haiti to teach Neonatal Resuscitation skills and Helping Babies Breathe to visiting Haitian nurse practitioner students. The session, which was held at the Pace University Lienhard School of Nursing, was organized by Promoting Health in Haiti founder Carole Roye, Associate Dean and Professor. The 8 students were incredibly enthusiastic about learning Neonatal Resuscitation and Helping Babies Breathe. Many of them have already been to deliveries as well as cared for newborns and were eager to learn skills they could apply back home.

Dr. Rick Stafford Teaching Neonatal Resuscitation Skills

Dr. Rick Stafford Teaching Neonatal Resuscitation Skills


Dr. Allison Platt and Dr. Wendy Marx in action.

According to Dr. Roye, the students were genuinely so appreciative. When she asked them if it was good, their response was “Much, much more than good!!”.  The knowledge and skills will be with them as they work in Haiti. In fact, these nurse practitioner students maydo a clinical rotation with HUFH in Haiti.

HUFH teachers included physicians Allison Platt, Wendy Marx, Rick Stafford, and Mary Ann LoFrumento, nurse Stephanie Korn, and student Samson Desamour. As Dr. Allison Platt said, “Personally, a truly wonderful experience and I look forward to working with these students next time I am in Haiti.”


A satisfying day is done: the visiting Haitian students with Dr. Carol Roye, Samson Desamour, Dr. Wendy Marx, and Dr. Mary Ann LoFrumento.