Education all around.

Students & Residents

Each one of our students had to prepare in advance a topic to discuss with the group and after the debriefing, they took turns presenting to the group.

This included the Haitian staff and Dr. Brinvert. The topics covered were Malaria/Dengue; HIV- AIDS, Malnutrition, Parasites and Parasitic diseases, and Diarrheal Disease including Cholera. We had discussions that really took on a real life meaning. Especially informative was Dr. Keenan’s description of how they treated cholera in real life with limited resources.

Medical Students

The four medical students had just finished their third year at Touro Medical School in NY. They had had their pediatric rotation so were familiar with seeing patients in an out patient setting. It worked very well to have them see the patients with one of the doctors supervising. All charts and prescriptions were co signed (as per HVH policy) and interesting findings were demonstrated to all. The students all felt this experience was very valuable to them personally and professionally.

Hands Up for Haiti Resident

Viraj Chauhan was finishing her first year at Goryeb Children’s Hospital. This week counted as part of her Infectious Disease rotation. She saw patients independently and on one clinic day had a medical student to supervise. She felt she had more autonomy than in her residency experience and saw more patients in a day than in a week of outpatient clinics. When she returned she had to provide written reports and pictures to her Peds ID Attending who was quite impressed with how much infectious disease she had seen first hand.