2019 CHAMPIONS for CHILDREN: Support our Partners in Caring


Pediatric Outreach Champions:

  •       Dr. Jill Ratner & Mr. Joel Rosenberg       


  •     Dr. Mary Ann LoFrumento & Mr. John Hallacy


  • Dr. Allison Platt & Mr. Matthew Rothfleisch


  • Dr. Wendy Marx & Dr. David Yasgur

Heavyweight Event Sponsors:

  • Steve & Joanna Ratner:
    “We believe the work you guys are doing is fantastic, and we are excited to see the organization evolve into a supporting role for local health care workers in Haiti.”

Premium Event Sponsors:

  • Terry Newman & David Rubin:
    “We are very impressed by the work and impact of HUFH.”

Fighting Malnutrition Champions:

  •                       John & Janet Partenza           

Community Water Well Champions:

  •       Dr. Traci Toll-Griffin & Mr. Loren Griffin, Amanda & Alexandra      

Booster Event Sponsors:

“HUFH & Dr. Jill Ratner share with us the power to make a difference and the people to make it count.”

Helping Babies Survive Champions:


  • Mrs. Helen Ratner


  • Tom & Debbie Lacy


  • Mark & Jessica Nogueira

    "Jill, Thanks for all that you have done. You are an inspiration!"

  • The Slomsky Family


  • Doug & Maripat Alpuche


  • “New York Medical College is pleased to support HUFH and congratulate Dr. Jill Ratner—both who share NYMC’s staunch commitment to improving access to healthcare for underserved and vulnerable populations throughout the world."

Teach Champions for Children:



  • Dr. Fran Cogen:
    "In honor of Dr. Jill Ratner, a true champion for children - in celebration of the creation and success of HUFH!"


  • Dr. Warren & Dr. Beth Bromberg:
    "Congratulations on making your dream a reality!"


  • Cynthia Dickter Shapira:
    "Congratulations Jill on your lifetime of humanitarian work and especially for your deep commitment and service to the community in Haiti. You are an inspiration!"


  • Barney Softness, MD,  West End Pediatrics, PC
    "Congratulations Jill on this wonderful honor and thank you for all your great work over the years for the people of Haiti."


  • Drs. Adina and Jeff Keller
    "Jill, congratulations on the great work you are doing!"


  • Dr. Ann Engelland


  • Mrs. Joanne Marx


  • Lynn Elting Siegel
    Executive Career Coach & Strategist


Support Champions for Children:

  • Dr. Unjeria Jackson & Mr. Larry Thompson


  • Dr. Marilyn & Dr. Glenn Jacobowitz


  • Allen & Annmarie Westermann


  • Dr. Stephen Nicholas, President, Board of Directors
    "Congratulations to Dr. Jill Ratner and Hands Up for Haiti"


  • Dr. Matthew Kane & Dr. Ann Markes


  • Dr. Marvin & Dr. Judith Platt


Hope Champions for Children:


  • Kim Sommer:
    "Jill, you have been a dear friend and inspiration to me for 45 years. Congratulations on your incredible accomplishments."

  • Dr. Marc & Randi Childs:
    "Well-deserved honor. We are in awe of you!"

  • Dr. David & Mrs. Amy Pollack

  • Karen & Jay Schecter

  • Kevin & Adrian Kalikow:
    "You make this world a better place! Thank you!"

  • Dr. Andrea Lotze

  • Rich & Lorna Morel

  • Dawn, Jon & Julia Preston

  • Dr. Garve Rene

  • Dr. Audrey Birnbaum

  • Dr. Barbara Strassberg & Dr. Carlyn Oppedisano

  • Alan, Susan, Paul & Ashley Erlick

  • Stacey Simenski